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Hi Octane-Advan R34. The quest to lap with the fastest in the world.

With World Time Attack 2010 now well and truly behind us we came away with a whole lot of data to commence the second phase of development of the Hi Octane/Advan GTR. And to be honest both ourselves, and I am sure just about anyone else that was Eastern Creek on May the 22nd was absolutely astonished at the blistering time set by the Cyber Evo of 1.30.58. We now have three and a half seconds to make up which may not sound like much but in the world of time attack racing it is a long way. Having said that, we also know that the thing that we need to get that time a lot closer to the Japanese teams is corner speed.

And to increase corner speed we need three things. One less weight, the one thing we noticed was that all of the Japanese cars are very light. Two, better geometry and a wider track. The other thing we noticed was that all the Japanese teams were very wide, and lastly but probably most importantly better aero, this is one area we will be seriously looking at. The Cyber Evo reportedly generates a tonne and a half of downforce at 180km/h meaning it is GLUED to the track!

The one thing we have never been short of is horsepower so our Hi Octane built RB30 DETT with its dry sump system  will remain. To have the owner of the Cyber Evo come up to us in the pits and tell us the GTR was “the fastest time attack GTR he has ever seen go down a straight” is something of a compliment, as we imagine he has seen a few

To us Time Attack racing is what we are about and to have all these teams come out here despite the language barriers and compete on our soil is something we will never forget and we have nothing but the utmost respect for all of them.  We are sure all of the Japanese teams and Sierra Sierra are busy working away with one common goal in mind………. World Time Attack 2011!!!! Bring it on… we cant wait!!!!!!



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All the best to Mark and the crew. As far as I can tell he is the only Aussie with a chance to take on the Japs and the Americans. Can't wait to cheer him on next year:)

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