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Revspeed Superlap Battle Tsukuba Circuit 2011

Well Japan at this time of year is quite cold as the Northern hemisphere heads into winter and Tsukuba will always be quite a few degrees colder than Tokyo. This year was no exception with temperatures down close to zero in the morning with rain and snow falling as we arrived.

 So we headed straight down to the Yokohama motorsport garage where they had a nice warm kerosene heater going. As soon as we walked in we bumped into Suzuki-san and Takamura-san from Scorch racing. They were not racing the s15 but were simply there to spectate. The guy on the far left is Furitani-san the planning engineer for Yokohama Motorsport ( and the man responsible for the AO50 developments) and Tats Kano, the Operations manager from Yokohama Australia

After warming up we went for a stroll around the pit area to check out the action and there is always so many cool things to look at like this wild 350Z

The Exceed Moat S14 which the Scorch guys were helping out with and finished the day in the 56 second bracket.

Legendary Honda tuning house Top Fuel  were competing in the street class in a Hybrid CRZ. Many tuners are turning their hand to Hybrid tuning as it is seen as the “next big thing” in Japan. They did tell us they do still have their crazy carbon wide body turbo S2000 though it wasnt competing. I wonder if??? Nah.... doesnt matter!!

Another team where there competing in a full electric Nissan leaf. Gotta say it probably went OK but without the sound it loses the spectacle pretty quickly. Plus I couldn’t imagine employing electricians instead of mechanics!!!

As the weather cleared we headed trackside to catch the Screen RX7 on a hot lap. These guys have been around forever and finished in the 56 second bracket in 2011. The Japanese sure LOVE their rotaries.

And WTAC veterans Panspeed were back and finished in 2nd position with a time of 56.19. We were told this is the last outing for this car as they start work on a “new car” using many of the trick parts from this one. “More power and much lighter” we understand. We can only assume they may want to head back down under in August with a much faster, better weapon.

And once again Team Revolution were the team to beat, stopping the clocks at 54.73 on what can only be described as a “drying” track, and certainly a long way from the 53.6 seconds they set in the morning session in 2010 but as you would understand, weather conditions play a huge part in record setting in time attack racing.

Tarzan was piloting the Garage Yawata “street special” GTR with some serious sideways action out of the corners thanks to a healthy shot of nitrous. He stopped the clocks at 57.6 seconds

The 5 Zigen Honda was running in the low 58 second range all day. I could only imagine driving a FWD with this much power on the icy track in the morning sessions.

The DMAX S15 was in time attack guise rather than drift for the Revspeed event. You have to wonder what the temptation to give it a “little flick” every now and then would be??

 It is also cool just walking around the pits checking out the wide range of crazy machinery. Above is the Advance Auto ZO6 C6 Corvette. They are a Japanese based US car tuner and come back to Tsukuba year after year to chase down the clock!


 Murray Coote from MCA suspension was also in attendance with his son Josh for a look. He can be seen here talking to Daniel Farrand from GCG turbo Japan. Earlier on he was seen talking for quite a while to aero ace Andrew Brilliant so god only knows where the aero will end up going on the already “aero crazy” MCA Suspension S13 in 2012.

The trip to Tsukuba certainly is a worthwhile experience for a car enthusiast but I must say these days our own World Time attack event dwarfs the Revspeed event and the Japanese are all keen to come back and race at Eastern Creek with Sydney fast becoming the benchmark time attack track. But regardless of this there is always something really cool about visiting the birthplace of something so special!!

PS.... and NO SQUID!!! You are NOT going time attack racing!! LOL!!



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Japan is one of the countries that host car racing every year. Different circuit can be made depending on the mechanics of the game.
I wish I could go to more of these events, I'll just have to keep checking your blog.

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