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World Time Attack Challenge 2011 Report

Well with the World Time Attack Challenge now behind us for another year our lives can actually return to some sort of normality.

Much of the operational management of this event is actually run by our staff - meaning that in the lead up to the event we not only have Hi Octane duties but also the huge amount of organisation that an event of this calibre requires.

Hence we have been a bit slow in posting a post event report.

But what I can say is WHAT AN EVENT! For anyone that was not there it is impossible to explain the atmosphere this event now has as teams represent not only their company but also their country in a “fastest in the world” type showdown. Once again the Cyber Evo claimed the victory and with the Hi Octane team sharing a garage with these guys I can tell you their emotions were running wild when Tarzan stopped the clock in 1.28.85 seconds just ahead of the American Sierra Sierra team with a 1.29.02.

Both of these teams should hold their heads high and I can tell you if the gearbox had not failed in the Sierra Sierra car and they had one more go then the results may well have been different as they had that car set on KILL!

Also for a first time out in Australia, the Garage Revolution car put in a strong performance with a third place and way ahead of any other 2wd car. Expect big things from this team if they return in 2012.

And lastly a big pat on the back for Kostya, Garth and the Tilton Interiors team. These guys have long been a force in Australian time attack racing and have now well and truly moved the bar for an Australian entry with a sizzling time of 1.30.8 just behind the Garage Revolution RX7. Well done guys you have done Australia proud!!!

Now let’s look at how team Hi Octane Racing went at World Time Attack:


Mark Berry R34 GTR - Pro Class

Since the last World Time Attack event in 2010 the Advan/ Hi Octane Racing R34 has undergone a complete makeover with the big focus being on the aero. A complete redesign was performed with the design concept by ex Mc L arenF1 engineer Barry Lock and Mark Berry constructing the complete kit himself. “At this stage the kit is made completely of heavier fibreglass material to allow low cost changes to be made. Once we have proven the concept we will re manufacture the whole deal in lightweight carbon fibre, and after the Eastern Creek event I am confident we are on track, this is a different car now, it is like it is on rails” said Mark Berry.

Unfortunately niggling engine problems minimised testing in the lead up to the event with the head lifting at 2.3 bar of boost and causing the cooling system to empty. This problem was rectified and then the new Borg Warner EFR turbo was damaged in testing. “This turbocharger is night and day to anything else on the planet” said Mark “but unfortunately as we damaged the only turbo we had in the days leading up to World Time Attack we were forced to go back to a TO4Z and restrict the boost which meant we were substantially down on power. There is no question the car will be much faster with the EFR turbo back on, and the power delivery is like nothing I have ever seen. Lag is all but eliminated!”

With the car now sitting on fat 295/30/18 Advan AO50 tyres Mark was able to reel off a very respectable time of 1.31.9 putting the Advan/Hi Octane R34 into sixth place and the second fastest Australian car in the pro class. With another year of development ahead before the next World Time Attack there is no question there is a lot of time left in this car. “To be honest we are only really at the beginning of what this car can do” said Mark “we have long struggled with traction, but with the new aero that is all in the past and we can now start to feed some power into it, and there is no doubt the times will tumble.”


Big thanks to the ever faithful crew that worked tirelessly around the clock in the leadup and during the event to make sure we made it! Bill and Kelvin from CNJ Motorsport, Brian and Lynn Berry, Phil Keable, Paul Everitt, Ben Wooster, Brett Charters and Richard “Tenga egg” Cislowski.

Also a big thanks to Hypertune, Turbosmart, Borg Warner, Full Race and of course Yokohama Advan for the stickiest tyres on the planet!!


Russell Newman R32 GTR - Open Class

The legendary Hi Octane R32 GTR that so famously ran at Tsukuba circuit in 2007 returned to World Time Attack once again in the hands of Russell Newman.

With Russell now relocated to Darwin it has been over a year since the R32 has seen the light of day and with a stronger than ever field in the Open Class it was always going to be a big challenge.

Unlike the R34 that uses an RB30 engine the R32 GTR still uses the standard stroke RB26 engine with both cars using sequential Holinger gearboxes. Despite also battling some cooling issues that would only allow the vehicle to do a single lap before getting too hot, Russell was still able to real of a 1.38.85 second lap time. “We were trying some experimental modifications to the block” said Russell “but unfortunately they did not work out as planned. Regardless we had an awesome time and we will come back next year bigger and better”


Ovi Zaberca Evo 8 - Clubsprint Class

For 2011 we decided to support our long time customer and friend, Ovi Zaberca in his Evo 8 in the Clubsprint class. This would effectively do two things. Firstly it would give us an entry in every single class of racing and secondly it would give us a showing with another type of vehicle, as we sell a large range of products for Mitsubishi, it was an obvious choice.

And it turns out our judgement was spot on as Ovi managed a spot on the podium with a third outright behind two R35 GTRs that now appear to be the dominant vehicle in this class. The impressive thing is that Ovi was a mere half a second off the winning car with a time of 1.43.01 on Advan Neova road tyres.

Our sincere congratulations go out to Ovi and speaking with him after the event he said as he clutched his trophy “mate it feels like I have won the Pro Class” awesome stuff mate!!!


Jake Jones - Tectaloy Drift Challenge

There is no question that this car raised a few eyebrows when it appeared in full Advan/Hi Octane livery for the first time at the media launch at Westfield Parramatta the week leading up to WTAC.

And there is also no question that the “DriftSquid” Jake Jones had a point to prove the minute he hit the track. With backing from Yokohama and running on the sticky Advan Neova rubber that is the choice of many Japanese D1 teams but rarely seen in Australian drift, this guy set out to show why he is one of the best drifters this country has seen. 

By the end of the first night it was apparent he was on the way to achieving this with the qualifying sheet showing him in position number one!  And with the entry list showing the best drifters from Australia and New Zealand this was certainly no mean feat. Unfortunately on the second day of competition a spin put Jake out of contention for the podium but he still managed to finish in a creditable ninth position.

There is no doubt we have yet to see the best of Jake yet and he has guaranteed to come back next year to take on the Kiwis!!! A big thanks to Jake and his mate Bones who worked tirelessly with us in the lead up to world time attack to make sure everything was done that needed to be done. You guys rock!

We also helped the following teams with sponsorship of some kind to assist them in making it to World Time Attack:

"Under" Suzuki - Scorch Racing

Sierra Sierra Enterprises

GT Autogarage

Pulse Racing

also Luke Fink (JPP), Beau Yates, Lloyd Smith, Dan Day and Steve Glenney.

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