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The truth about E85 fuel

There is a lot of talk about E85 in recent years with the V8 supercars making the switch and more and more racers discovering the benefits of this “green” racing fuel so we thought we would give you some facts about what it is all about.

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The Birth of Time Attack Racing in Australia

 It was early December 2007 and I can remember standing on the freezing pit wall at Tsukuba circuit Japan and thinking to myself “I really wish we had this proper style of Time Attack racing back in Australia” and wondering why it had never really surfaced back home. By 2007 the Japanese import scene in Australia was well and truly flourishing with many importers and workshops building all myriads of demo vehicles with many following all the Japanese build trends of the time.

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Hi Octane R32 GTR around the streets of Gatton

Many may remember several years ago the Hi Octane R32 GTR was largely unbeatable at most of the  events it entered in the hands of Mark Berry and Russell Newman, dominating the Dutton rally series against some seriously exotic vehicles, setting lap records around the country and culiminating in a trip to Tsukuba Japan where Mark ran a 59 second time despite only having medium compound tyres in freezing conditions

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Behind the scenes- Scorch Racing Japan

Well we figured with all the hype that the Scorch racing S15 will be heading down under in August for World Time Attack we might as well take you for a look at their little shop just outside Yokohama Japan. When we visited Suzuki-san didn’t have his S15 there but there was plenty of other cool stuff to look at!

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Guest blog. Andrew Brilliant -Aerodynamicist


This week we introduce Andrew Brilliant.

Andrew is an American aero and data engineer that resides in Japan and contracts to Super GT teams.

He has worked in both Indy-car and American Le Mans series and whilst there are a few people around with the high level of knowledge that Andrew possesses most are working in high level positions in highly funded professional race teams and would not give us the time of day. The difference with Andrew is that his personal passion is Time Attack racing and this has seen him firstly put his own Mitsubishi Eclipse at the front of the “street” class and then help several of the other teams dramatically reduce their lap times through aerodynamic improvements most notably the FX Motorsports NSX that has been dominating some rounds of the Redline series.

We speak with Andrew and ask him a bit about Aero.

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