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Behind The Scenes. Unlimited Works Japan.

I guess everyone has their own preference for what type of vehicle they would like to race or even drive on the road for that matter. But if Time Attack was your chosen discipline, and you were serious about winning, then you would seriously have to consider a Mitsubishi Evo. And when you think of really fast Evos there are two in particular that (in Japan at least) have stood head and shoulders above the rest. One is the legendary HKS 230R that still holds the record at Tsukuba circuit to this day and the other is a privateer owned car that in recent times has been closing in on this lap record. This car is known as the infamous “Cyber Evo”. Whilst the CT230R is built by the might of HKS drawing on all its extensive resources, the Cyber Evo is at the other end of the spectrum with the whole car essentially “engineered” by a Tokyo based Dentist with a penchant for fast cars and maintained by a small Mitsubishi specialist workshop known as Unlimited Works. Today we take you behind the scenes as we have a look around one of the best Mitsubishi tuner shops in Japan

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