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The "new age" turbocharger has arrived in a big way

The talk of the Sema show was the new range of ultra high performance EFR series turbochargers from Borg Warner. Now the name Borg Warner may not exactly roll of your tongue when you are talking performance turbochargers but I am sure that is all about to change in the coming months. You see these turbochargers have been designed from the ground up as the "next generation" in turbochargers with a bunch of interesting features that will really make them shine. Our good friend Eric Hsu from Cosworth USA has been involved with the testing both on the dyno and with team Sierra Sierra in real life race situations and his "Beyond the Dyno" blog about these cool new turbos is definately worth a read here

These turbochargers will be available through Hi Octane Racing in Australia click here to enquire