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Real or Fake? Are you REALLY getting what you are paying for?

By making it easier to buy we also made it easier for the fraudsters

In recent years we have seen a huge shift in the way people do business not only in the automotive sector but with everything from clothes to furniture to collectables to real estate. The way that things happen in this generation is online. This method certainly has its advantages with little or no face to face contact, ease of shopping from your bedroom and with online auction sites like Ebay the chance to really grab a bargain and pay for it by a secure agent such as PayPal that minimises the risk of fraud by providing a “guarantee” to both parties. From the sellers perspective it also opens up doors for people to start small businesses without the huge expense of a “real” shopfront. But with this new method of also comes a channel for “the not so honest” to ply their trade and normally by the time you realise that you have been “had” it is all too late and the seller is long gone with a new bank account and a new business name or seller ID on Ebay. What I am talking about here is people selling “fake” brand name products. The worst affected of these products appears to be the most popular brands such as HKS, Greddy, Tomei, SARD and the like but the fake products are by no means restricted to these as we certainly are also aware of fake versions of Tial waste gates ,also Turbosmart manual boost controllers and many of the brand name Japanese wheels.

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