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The reality of the RB26 oiling system part 2

Ok now in part two of our series on the shortcomings of the RB26 oiling system we will look at the components and the function of each and also take a look what we refer to as the “ultimate solution” the Hi Octane Racing dry sump system for the RB26 engine.

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The reality of the RB26 oiling system

The engineers designed the RB26 engine but the accountants designed the oil system

I guess a lot has been written about how much power the RB26 engine is capable of and how the 2.6 litre engine is “race derived”. The ease of tuning this engine way beyond anything the manufacturers intended, has certainly led to many people finding out the hard way about the shortcomings of the RB26 oiling system more often than not after a terminal engine failure costing many thousands of dollars to repair. The first thing you need to understand is that the GTR was made with 206kw and as a road car came with a warranty from Nissan, so with this in mind the standard oiling system must have done the job for a standard car on standard road tyres or Nissan would have gone broke with warranty claims. My answer to this would be that it certainly was up to the task PROVIDED it was left standard and left on road tyres and never driven on a race track. Now the first place a new GTR owner tends to want to go (after the tuning shop for some upgrades) would be either the racetrack or the drag strip.... Correct?

After all this is Godzilla!!! And “I want to flex its muscles!”

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Behind the scenes Autogallery Yokohama Japan

Today we take you back to Japan to a little shop in the backblocks of Yokohama. A little shop by stature for sure, but one thing I have learnt in my many visits to Japan, don’t ever make any assumptions based upon size or outward appearance of the shop, as you can bet your bottom dollar a lot of these guys have been tuning Japanese performance cars for an awful long time. And Autogallery performance engineering most certainly fit into this category and, like a lot of tuning houses in Japan they specialise in one make and model. And the make and model they happen to specialize in is the legendary Skyline GTR.

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Behind the scenes - Mine's Japan

For our second behind the scenes I thought we might share a visit we made last year to a small but extremely well respected Japanese tuning house. The company Mines should need no introduction, as for many years they have made a name for themselves as one of the leaders in Nissan GTR tuning and their cars have been featured in many video games. We took a drive out to their headquarters in Yokosuka Japan about two hours outside Tokyo.


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An Australian Icon with 610hp RB26/30 power on pump fuel

I guess it is not uncommon to make many friends in this industry as lets face it we are all petrolheads when it is all said and done! Often as people of built their cars they have become freinds with myself and other Hi octane staff but in this instance it was the other way round. Matt was a freind of mine before he decided to build this car. He approached me several years ago telling me he was going to put an RB25 in his old 1964 EH and quizzed me on numerous engine combos, turbos and the like. Great idea I said but as with many things in life, things.... um .... got a little out of control.


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