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Revspeed Superlap Battle Tsukuba Circuit 2011

Well Japan at this time of year is quite cold as the Northern hemisphere heads into winter and Tsukuba will always be quite a few degrees colder than Tokyo. This year was no exception with temperatures down close to zero in the morning with rain and snow falling as we arrived.

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The Birth of Time Attack Racing in Australia

 It was early December 2007 and I can remember standing on the freezing pit wall at Tsukuba circuit Japan and thinking to myself “I really wish we had this proper style of Time Attack racing back in Australia” and wondering why it had never really surfaced back home. By 2007 the Japanese import scene in Australia was well and truly flourishing with many importers and workshops building all myriads of demo vehicles with many following all the Japanese build trends of the time.

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Tsukuba Time Attack. Up close and personal!

We have already had a look at the cars at Tsukuba this year; I thought it may be interesting to meet some of the people that make the event what it is. Every year the Japanese tuning community converges on Tsukuba circuit in early December with their latest “demo” car to see how it fares against the rest. Two notable differences with the Australian Superlap are firstly the lack of spectators as this is really a closed event with only competitors and their crew really invited, but I did see some other Australians at the event and they said they just walked in and no one said anything but it is certainly not promoted as a spectator event. Secondly an owner/driver is extremely rare as most of the cars are driven by Pro drivers thereby giving the absolute best possible result for the team and meaning most of the drivers are driving multiple cars. We thought you might like to meet some of these guys

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Revspeed Super Battle 2010 Tsukuba Japan.

For many years this event has been a highlight on the tuning scene calendar in Japan and now with the advent of the internet the whole world spends all year waiting for the first week in December to come around when Revspeed magazine run their annual Super battle at the traditional home of time attack racing Tsukuba Circuit in Japan.

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Sierra Sierra Evo smashes track record at Buttonwillow Superlap

If there is one track in the US that any time attack team really wants to capture the record at, it would have to be Buttonwillow raceway north of Los Angeles. This track has quite a history with the sport of time attack and is the venue for the final round of the US Superlap battle series attracting all the big hitters. But I suspect the real reason this is such hallowed ground is that this is the track that in 2007 HKS unpacked their mighty CT230R from a Japanese shipping container, strapped in Noboteru Tanaguchi and preceded to real out a time of 1.43.52.

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