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Haltech Racepak Dash

Today we are looking at the Haltech Racepak dash. This dash is the result of a joint venture between USA electronic specialist Racepack and leading Australian ECU manufacturer Haltech and is one of the best value dashes on the market today. It is available in two formats. One that is simply a display and the more advanced version that packs a extremely powerful 2GB of logging which is basically enough logging power to do the Le Mans 24 hour and still have a stack of space left!

Firstly we will look at the display dash. Now more often than not if you own a modified vehicle that may see the strip or circuit then the biggest thing is that you need to be able to accurately monitor all the engine functions like engine temperature, oil pressure, RPM, oil temperature and road speed  etc. In years gone by the easiest way to do this was go and buy a stack of aftermarket gauges and mount them somewhere in your dash.

With the Haltech Racepak dash this becomes a thing of the past as you now have a nice easy to read display that can be centrally mounted making it easy to see every function without taking your eyes too far from the road or track. And this brings me to the features that I really like on this product - The alarm features.

This dash has 4 programmable warning alarms that can be set to go off when something goes wrong potentially saving you thousands of dollars in engine damage. These alarms can be set to activate a light or a buzzer that will go off whenever the values exceed the acceptable range, allowing you to concentrate on driving and stop looking at “worry” gauges as the dash will inform you when you have a problem. It is also equipped with an extra output that you can set to turn on a “big light” in the event of a say a drop in oil pressure.

Another really nice feature and something you will find really handy in a road car is the 9 different levels of backlight allowing you to adjust the brightness you want, this is an often overlooked feature in an aftermarket display dash particularly if you are using the car on a daily basis. Also the configurable hi output LED shift lights give a real race car feel to the whole thing

The other cool thing we liked about this dash is the ease of fitment. If you have a car equipped with any Platinum series Haltech ECU this baby will plug straight in, but can also be wired into any compatible ECU provided it has a CAN interface.

Lastly, the one thing that has always been extremely painful with aftermarket dashes is the input of the fuel load or in other words your fuel gauge. I have had many a bad experience in years gone by with this function particularly on one competing “big name” dash that comes from England but thankfully the guys at Racepak have made that a thing of the past with this dash being an absolute snack to input and setup. And now the best part of all - the price. The Haltech Racepak Dash will cost you less than a set of good quality gauges let alone the bill from the auto electrician to wire them in.  That’s right - this dash is under $1000AUD.

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For the more serious racer the Haltech Racepak logger dash is absolutely loaded with features again at a very accessible price. The ones we really like include the GPS track mapping and GPS lap timing that allow you to see what is going on for the entire lap or trip down the strip and analyse how to improve your performance. It has all the features of a dash costing thousands more and is also extremely well priced at under $2000 AUD. To see more check out the video below

For the more info and the best price in Australia on the logger dash click here

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