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Hi Octane Racing RB30 motor


This engine is the result of countless hours of research and development in both time attack and drag racing. The Hi Octane RB30 features a highly modified RB30 Nissan block with relocated oil galleries, an extensively cross braced girdle retaining structural integrity of all main bearing caps, along with the highest quality forged rotating components resulting in a BULLETPROOF bottom end that will make most RB26 engines look fairly lame.

The big difference with the RB30 over the RB26 is the length of the stroke. While both engines retain the 86mm bore (86.5mm in our case) the RB26 has a 73.7mm stroke while the RB30 has an 86mm stroke.

The result of this is a much higher production of torque and useable horsepower at a much lower RPM range resulting in FASTER LAP TIMES and BETTER DURABILITY and longer engine life. This is the very engine we use in the Hi Octane/ Advan R34 GTR and you can see it in action here

This was the vehicles first ever outing and is using small dash 5 turbos. Take very good note of how quickly it goes past the old Hi Octane R32 GTR on the straight, and remember this car ran 9.7 @142mph!!!

The Hi Octane RB30 is ready to bolt in to any GTR* and can be delivered WORLWIDE!

*Whilst this engine will bolt in to a GTR some fabrication is required on external parts as the engine sits 25mm higher.

For pricing and availability contact: Hi Octane Racing Sales or check out our online store. 

Parts Included:  

• RB30 Block and Crank
• CP Flat Top Pistons with rings
• CP High Horse Power Guegon Pins• Forged Conrods
• ACl Race Series Conrod and Main Bearings
• Crank collar
• Hi Octane Racing 4WD Sump Adaptor and Girdle
• Supply and fit s/s welsh plugs

Work Performed: 

• Strip and clean block
• Supply adaptor plate and spacers 
• Modify mains caps
• Machine block for adaptor 
• Machine for oil pump
• Modify oil galleries 
• Add oil pickup flange to block
• Convert head bolts to RB26 
• Machine for RB26 oil drain back
• Supply all bolts washers and spacers
• Modify nose for oil pump
• Assembly
• Crack testing
• Pressure testing
• Sonic check bores
• Grind crank for oil pump
• Grind crank mains and pins
• Linish crank mains and pins 
• Fit oil pump drive
• Modify crank for screw in plugs 
• Cryogenic treat crank
• Balance crank assembly 
• Torque plate and hone
• Bore and hone to suit pistons 
• Deck block parallel to mains