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NEVER have another oil related problem again!

As used on all Hi Octane Racing GTRs with 100% reliability.

Hi Octane Racing Dry Sump Kit


For many years the Nissan RB26 engine has been heralded as one of the all time great racing engines. It has an undeniable ability to produce enormous amounts of horsepower for a relatively small 2.6 litre capacity.

The Achilles’ heel of the RB26 has always been the oiling system. There are also many associated problems that we will briefly outline here.

Firstly because of the design of the engine as boost is increased combined with higher RPM used in a competition environment there are two things that immediately occur. First: the oil cannot return quick enough to the sump through the internal oil drains, second: as the oil is now in the head, the engine will start to breathe heavily and attempt to force the oil out into a breather unit.

There are certain stopgap measures that can be taken to slow this process such as improved baffling, oil air separators and competition style breather tanks, but none of these will rectify the situation completely.
If this continues as it normally does in competition use, there is no longer enough oil in the sump the end result is normally premature bearing failure using resulting in complete terminal engine failure. 

In our years of racing GTRs we have tried and tested almost every aftermarket brand of oil pump as well as designing and manufacturing our own brand of complex gated wet sump system but as we continued to increase both our horsepower levels and also our handling ability we continually re-encountered oil related issues and it became apparent that we had reached the very limit of a wet sump system regardless of how good we made it. Drawing on years of race experience our engineers then designed a purpose built competition style dry sump system for the Nissan GTR. 

Our design brief was simple:

1. The system had to totally eliminate oil problems that had been plaguing us for so long.
2. The system had to be simple enough that it could be fitted by the average skilled mechanic with minimal fabrication skills. 
3. The system had to fit all three models of GTR (R23/33/34) and also be made to fit with a 3 litre engine (this requires some modification please enquire)
4. As we have many customers extreme temperature countries the system must fit with fully operational air conditioning.

Upon fitting of the dry sump system we immediately noticed three things. Firstly our oil temperature was dramatically lower. Secondly our oil pressure NEVER dropped at all regardless of corner speed or conditions and lastly our breather system was now almost BONE DRY. 

We now had the confidence to go on the track for prolonged periods with our power level turned UP! Something we could NEVER previously do without risking terminal engine failure! We have since raced a full season including a trip to Tsukuba and when the engine was pulled apart for inspection the BEARINGS LOOKED NEW! All of our oil problems are gone and we could get on with the business of building a faster car rather than spending our energy chasing problems. 

Since then we have sold numerous systems to customers all around the world, from the extreme heat of the United Arab Emirates, to the snow and ice of Scandinavia and we have not experienced ONE SINGLE ENGINE FAILURE from oil related issues, something we believe no other system in the world could claim.

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