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Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08

The ADVAN Neova AD08 bridges the gap between street tyres and race tyres. Street tyres work well when cold. Conventional rubber compounds reach their limit during high speed driving as heat softening quickly saps the tyres ability to grip the road. Using street tyres on the track can lead to slower lap times and rapid tread wear. 

Race tyres work well when hot. R-spec race tyres and slicks, on the other hand, generate heat which helps them grip the race track. They work best above 60 degrees Celsius. Race tyres work best in the first heat cycles, then performance begins to drop off. Using race tyres on the street is uneconomical as it can waste heat cycles and reduce tyre performance. 

• Micro Silica Compound 2 controls heat and feels soft on a micro level, and hard on a macro level.
• Racing tread pattern with continuous tread to increase rigidity.
• Steel sidewall inserts to increase casing rigidity.
• Shown to outperform similar extreme sports tyres in cornering, braking and on dry track conditions.
• 8mm tread depth (Unlike a R-spec tyre's 4.5 - 5 mm) and a 180 UTQG Treadwar rating so you can expect resonable tread life.
• World Touring Car Championship tyre technology. 

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